Why I decided to shutdown my PeerTube instance

If you are reading this story, you are likely one of my PeerTube viewers.

This means you care about decentralization and privacy which is heartwarming (thanks for caring). 🤗

I was hoping the privacy guides project could become a full-time job… which is another great example of my entrepreneurial reality distortion field (especially given I declined a dozen sponsorships and have disabled monetization on YouTube).

The journey has been amazing so far! YouTube has changed my life for the better, but I can’t say as much about PeerTube. I have been struggling with issues that distract me from content creation (which on its own is more overwhelming that one would think).

Hosting video is not an easy endeavor. The PeerTube project is a beautiful open source achievement and its developers are talented and tenacious. 🙌

I recently joined the security team at TrustToken. So far, I’m having a blast! We’re hiring btw.

The tradeoff is that time I can allocate to side hustles has compressed significantly.

As a result, I decided to shutdown my PeerTube instance to simplify my creative process.

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Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas on PeerTube.



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