Privacy matters.
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We, privacy advocates, spend considerable time explaining why privacy matters to friends and family. Finding the right words to answer this question is challenging.

As a YouTuber (and PeerTuber), I have shared my perspective on the subject but haven’t heard yours. I would love to put together an episode to share your story and why privacy matters to you. We are over 9,500 strong. Let’s blend our perspectives and draw attention to #privacymatters.

Sharing why privacy matters to you - YouTube

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Wish to participate? Please submit a 15-30 seconds video in English before January 1st 14th 2021 (accepted formats: .mov or .mp4).

Prefer not to show your face? No problem. Be creative! Showing your face is not a requirement.

Heads-up: shooting video on mobile is great, but uploading video on mobile is another story (especially on limited data plans). I recommend uploading video using a desktop or laptop computer.

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