How to disable IPv6 on iOS (cellular-only) and macOS and why it’s a big deal for privacy

How to disable IPv6 on iOS (cellular only) and macOS and why it’s a big deal for privacy - YouTube

Heads-up: unfortunately this guide will not work on carriers or ISPs that have migrated their networks to IPv6-only.

iOS guide

Step 1 (on Mac): download and open Apple Configurator 2

Step 2 (on Mac): create new profile using cmd + n

Step 3 (on Mac): configure "General" settings


Step 4 (on iPhone): find APN settings

Open "Settings", then "Cellular", then "Cellular Data Network".


Step 5 (on Mac): configure "Cellular" settings


Step 6 (on Mac): save provisioning profile

Step 7 (on Mac): connect iPhone to Mac

Step 8 (on Mac): double-click on iPhone


Step 9 (on Mac): click on "Profile" tab, then "Add Profiles...", select saved provisioning profile and click "Add"


Step 10 (on iPhone): review profile

Open "Settings", then "Profile Downloaded" and tap "Install"


macOS guide

Step 1: list network interfaces

$ networksetup -listallnetworkservices
An asterisk (*) denotes that a network service is disabled.
iPhone USB
Thunderbolt Ethernet

Step 2: disable IPv6

Heads-up: use network interfaces found in step 1 (most computers only have Wi-Fi interface)

networksetup -setv6off "Wi-Fi"
networksetup -setv6off "iPhone USB"
networksetup -setv6off "Thunderbolt Ethernet"

Want things back the way they were before following this guide? No problem!

Step 1 (on iPhone): remove provisioning profile

Open "Settings", then "General", then "Profile", and tap provisioning profile, then "Remove Profile".


Step 2 (on Mac): set network interfaces to automatic

networksetup -setv6automatic "Wi-Fi"
networksetup -setv6automatic "iPhone USB"
networksetup -setv6automatic "Thunderbolt Ethernet"
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